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Like most pet owners, we were feeding our dogs and cats (yes, we have a few) dry food. It was a challenge to find the food they all liked, as one or two would turn their noses at some brands. And getting a restaurant variety to cater for all different tastes would not have been cheap, as you may know.

As such, we thought we would try to feed them all raw food. We started by buying minced meat from supermarkets. As we expected, they all loved it and there was no more protesting at dinner times. What we noticed almost immediately was that there stools were much smaller and dryer and almost without the odour that you would normally expect (a big bonus for us, as we didn't have to clear up as much anymore). After a few weeks, we noticed that their breath was fresher and all their coats were much shinier and silky to the touch. Where's before they would scratch occasionally, all that pretty much stopped. Their skin improved significantly too.

Benefits of feeding our pets raw food were obvious to us. The only downside was having to handle raw meat. We tried to find somewhere we could buy ready made raw meals, but, unfortunately, none of the pet stores had anything what we were looking for. This gave us an idea that if we struggled to find ready made raw meals for our beloved pets, there may be others. And so, we came up with Raw2Door, where all the meals are lovingly prepared and ready to serve and delivered to you, so you don't have to travel anywhere for it at all.

We've developed our range of raw pet meals to be nutritiously balanced and tasty (we have the best food tasters! our own dogs and cats, who "tell" us what goes best with what). That's why we are sure that once your four-legged friend tries our meals, they won't be disappointed and they'll love you even more.

We also wanted to test our ideas and  currently only supply Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. But we are looking at nationwide delivery too. So rest assured, if you want to try our raw pet food, it will be with you soon. Just register your interest with us and let us know whereabouts you are. Please also like and follow our Facebook, Instagram and Google pages for updates.

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